Most people who abuse prescription painkillers get them through friends or relatives. The greatest increase in drug-related deaths is due to the misuse of prescription drugs.

What Prescribing Medical, Dental, and Pharmacy Providers Can Do

  • Talk with patients about the dangers and risks of prescription painkillers, especially those that include opioids.
  • Offer alternative prescription painkiller options (those that don’t include opioids) to patients.
  • Make sure patients are aware of the high risk of addiction, especially among young people ages 12-25.
  • Reinforce that patients should take medicine only if it has been prescribed for them by their doctor, physician, dentist, or prescribing medical professional.
  • Reinforce that patients should take medication only as directed. They should never adjust the schedule or dosage on their own.
  • Store prescription painkillers securely – ideally, locked in a cabinet or drawer.
  • Dispose of unused, expired, or unwanted medication properly.

Resources for Prescribing Medical Providers

Get the facts on the dangers of prescription painkiller abuse and share them with your patients.

Find out where there’s a Drug Take Back location near you.